Rally success: letter

SATURDAY’S large turnout in Bowral for a mining rally was a success in several ways.

First the large number of people who attended, and they were not just the usual lefty demonstrators, but concerned older citizens.

The meeting heard about the lies of the mining proponents, the venality of politicians and the irresponsibility of bureaucrats.

So democracy is seriously sick when money can determine what politicians do on our behalf, what company lawyers will support, what truth twisting lobbyists will pump out and what effects of greedy companies will visit on us the citizens.

Governments make a lot of fuss about protecting us from threats from outside our country, but our enemies, named above, are within and governments are on their side.

We have the best government money can buy but also a lot of fellow citizens who will do anything for a bob.

Michael D. Breen


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Council committee meetings : letter

YOUR recent story claimed I was on too many council committees to be effective.

As it happens I am on the same number as last year and a third meet infrequently.

For both years my fellow councillors have supported my appointments by voting me on to those committees.

Being involved and active in community is what I set out to do and I do put the hours in.

I was the only councillor who attended a public meeting last Thursday regarding Farnborough Estate and some other councillors have complained publicly that they did not know the meeting was on.

I knew the meeting was on because I was not too busy to read it in our councillors’ weekly bulletin two weeks ago, which is delivered to all councillors each Friday and is also published on line.

Clr Ian Scandrett


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I READ the article in the Southern Highlands

I READ the article in the Southern Highlands News (Monday, March 9), ‘No budget information session’ quoting the responses of Councillors Clark, Turland, Gair to Clr Scandrett’s motion to hold a public workshop regarding council’s budget and Fit for the Future reporting.

Clr Clark is quoted that “the public weren’t greatly interested” in the budget and that councillors were elected to “go through the budget line by line, page by page…the public have elected you to do that”.

Clrs Turland and Gair were also not supportive of the motion, calling it “an election campaign” and “self promotion” respectively.

It was disappointing to read these responses. I can assure all councillors that residents are very interested in how public funds – from their rates and taxes – are spent by council.

I elect local government officials to represent my views in decision-making processes that will impact upon services and public amenity across the shire and I am interested in the nature and outcomes of those decisions.

Please don’t assume that residents are not interested in the work of council nor where our money goes.

Many local councils across NSW work with their communities to discuss draft budget management plans. Many local councils organise public information sessions where residents can learn about the proposed allocation of funds across infrastructure and capital works projects, environment and community management programs and initiatives, administration and staffing.

They have the opportunity to ask questions about proposed projects and the associated expenditure.

It demonstrates open, fair and transparent local government. It recognises the inclusive relationship between a local council and its community.

Our councillors need to recognise that times have changed and these days the community expects information about proposed council expenditure and involvement in how public funds are spent.

Sandra Jones

Moss Vale

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Finals fever hits Stawell’s bowls clubs

FINALS fever has hit the Stawell bowling fraternity.

Pennant teams from the Stawell Golf Bowling Club and the Stawell Bowling will play off in the grand finals of the Grampians Bowls Association pennant grand finals tomorrow.

The grand final clashes in division one and division two are the climax to a long and keenly contested bowls season between teams in Stawell, Ararat and beyond.

In division one Stawell Golf Bowling Club will clash with the talent ladened Chalambar.

Chalambar have been a force in the pennant competition for a number of years and are a team who on their day are capable of beating the best.

With this talent and its record in the pennant competition Chalambar will go into tomorrow’s grand final favourites.

This is not to say the Stawell Golf Bowling Club’s team is not a worthy opponent and one that is capable of grabbing pennant glory in 2015.

Stawell Golf Bowls boast depth in all four rinks, including a number of former club champions, the current Grampians champion of champions, Dave Kaczynski and a number of younger players to the game.

This is a clash Stawell Golf can win.

Division two is a real showdown with Stawell Golf Gold and Stawell playing off in the grand final.

Stawell have a had a strong season in division two, occupying the number one spot for most of the pennant season, while Stawell Golf will be giving themselves a real chance of pulling off a premiership victory.

Most expect this clash to be a real cliff hanger with the possibility of extra ends being played to decide a winner.

Both grand finals will be played at the Ararat Bowls Club giving enthusiasts the chance to witness some top competition in both divisions at the one venue.

See tomorrow’s grand final pennant teams Page 53.

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Ruby shines bright

Ararat runner Ruby Klemm led from start to finish over 400 metres at Bendigo last Saturday night to claim the prestigious Black Pearl. Picture: PETER WEAVING, BENDIGO ADVERTISERRUNNING coach Marcus Cooper says the sky is the limit for his latest stable star Ruby Klemm.

Last Saturday night saw Klemm claim the biggest win of her Victorian Athletic League career when she saluted in the final of the $2000 Black Pearl Women’s 400-metre handicap at Bendigo.

It is the second time an Ararat athlete from the Marcus Cooper Stable has won the prestigious race, following Tiffany Boatman’s triumph in 2014.

Cooper said the 20-year-old had been ‘knocking on the door’ all season for another win, after claiming a sash in the 300m Women’s final at Northcote in December.

“I was so proud of Ruby. That run has been coming for a long time and to have finally done it, she was thrilled,” he said.

“For me as a coach to go back-to-back in the biggest 400-metre race for women, it was a great feeling just awesome.”

Klemm started her Bendigo campaign in flying fashion, winning heat four of the 120-metre Women’s Gift to progress through to Sunday’s semi final.

Cooper said with the gift run out of the way, Klemm put all her energy into the heat of the 400-metre event that afternoon.

“She ran the heat and smashed them and we knew then and there she was a very good chance in the final later in the night,” he said.

“In the final she had to take it out really hard as the front marker (46m). By doing that she could relax for about 120 metres and it made the backmarkers have to work extra just to catch her. They almost got onto the back of her, but the key for Ruby was to not panic and just keep to the plan.

“When they got within about a metre and a half they thought they’d be able to rest for a bit and with that she just took off again down the straight.

“She led from start to finish. It was unreal to watch.”

Klemm returned the following day to contest the semi final of the Women’s Gift, where she timed her run perfectly to hit the line in first place and qualify for another final.

Cooper said in the main event she recovered from a slow start to secure a podium finish.

“She didn’t get the best start on the gun in the final,” he said.

“She really needed to react quicker to put pressure on the two out in front of her, but having said that she still ran extremely well, just like a sprinter should.

“She battled on for third place, so I was pretty rapt for her. Not a bad weekend for Ruby, she smashed it.

“She has a big gift win in her next season. She has just blossomed from the start of this year, so everything is looking very good.”

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